Motrak Tracking Solutions -
Intelligent Monitoring for your Fleet

  • Reduce Fuel Expenditure

    Highlighing the following areas;

    Driver Behaviour— With speeding alerts, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and engine idling detection, gain an insight of the behaviour of your drivers.

    Private Mileage — Make sure the privilege is not abused. Motrak gives you the information you need to reduce private use and save money.

    Efficient Route Planning — Identify drivers who repeatedly diverge from pre-planned routes, typically driving longer distances and therefore using excessive fuel.

  • Free 6 Week Trial

    See what benefits Motrak's Fleet Tracking Solution can do for your fleet

    A no obligation free 6 week trial with help you see first hand how Motrak can save you significant costs on your fleet

    Experience the instant benefits such as; 

    Fuel Savings, Accurate Mileage Claims and many more 

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  • Improve Productivity

    Working smarter, not harder

    Increase the productivity of your fleet by having full visibility of all activity and eliminates unnecessary overtime and unauthorised vehicle use. Our customers are more reactive and competitive through better intelligence about their fleet.

    ● Find the nearest vehicle to any location instantly

    ● Reduce phone calls to drivers or technicians

    ● Keep vehicles serviced regularly

    ● Detect excessive overtime hours

    ● Eliminate time sheet fraud with true start/finish times

    ● Eliminate excessive and unnecessary stop times

  • Reducing Environmental Impact

    Vehicle tracking will make your fleet more environmentally friendly by;

    ● Reducing fuel consumption and planning journeys more efficiently

    ● View and prohibit unauthorised journeys, highlighting out of hours journeys.

    ● Monitor driving patterns and speeds of your drivers to stop bad driving behaviours that waste fuel and create unnecessary omissions.

    ● Saving fuel and time by identifying the nearest vehicles and directing the closest vehicle to the job.

  • Improve your Risk Management

    Duty of Care

    Under The 2008 Corporate Manslaughter Act, Directors have a duty of care to their employees and need to be aware of their movements and all actions throughout a working day. Motrak provides you with this ability.

    Vehicle Tax

    Providing unequivocal evidence that that a company van is being used solely for business and not private use, protecting form increased tax liabilities.